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By Matityahu Glazerson

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Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought uncovers the profound connection among Jewish mysticism and vintage astrology by way of mentioning the various references scattered all through Jewish literature to the effect of the celebs on human future. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson provides a month-by-month rendering of Jewish astrology in line with kabbalah, summarizing the advanced procedure of parts in Jewish inspiration that correlates to every astrological signal. The e-book additionally explains the original dating the Jewish humans need to astrology, and lower than what situations astrological consultations are authorized to participants.

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The process of change came to expression in the feeling of internal unity of the entire Jewish nation, which occurred in an unprecedented manner and has not been experienced in such totality since then. The Torah described this when it said (Exodus, ch. 19, v. " The grammatical form used for the word "rested" is the singular rather than the plural form (vayichan, not vayachanu). This is the only time that the singular form is used in describing Israel's encampments during their wanderings. " The unification of various types of people is denoted in the sign of th~ month, twins.

This symbolizes the unification of God with his people in the image of a wedding, when the groom tells his bride, "Harei at mekudeshet li . . "-"You are now sacred unto me . . " The letters Lamed and Yod are the letters that begin and end the word "Israel," and symbolize this unity (see Beni Yisarulam, Discourse on Tishrei). The essential nature of this month-mating, the intimate relationship between husband and wife-symbolizes the fact that during this month the unifying relationship between God and the Jewish people was formed.

The double spelling of the letter, as in Teth (~~), has the numerical value of 18, and has the same value as the word chet (K~n), sin, to tell us that that same power of dissuasion from righteousness that leads to sin also visits retribution upon those who follow this path. In the realm of holiness, the number eighteen has the same value as the word chai ('n), life, the living source of holiness. 44 AV-LEO (LION) The Davidic Messiah, from the tribe of Judah, is to be born during the month of Av.

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