A Sign Is Just a Sign (Advances in Semiotics) by Thomas A. Sebeok PDF

By Thomas A. Sebeok

ISBN-10: 0253206251

ISBN-13: 9780253206251

ISBN-10: 0253351316

ISBN-13: 9780253351319

ISBN-10: 0585001111

ISBN-13: 9780585001111

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The destination is the area at which the message flow initiated by the source terminates. Its workings can, once again, be roughly segmented into two temporally successive processes, but in reverse: an earlier one, whose characteristics are more or less understood, and an ultimate oneusually referred to as the interpretation of the messagethe manner of which shades off into unfathomed dusk; in this case, the rightmost portion, or rear end, of the diagram (Fig. 3) would have to be darkened. < previous page page_26 If you like this book, buy it!

643). He held, moreover, that "an emotion is always a simple predicate substituted by an operation of the mind for a highly complicated predicate" and gave this specific explanation for the arousal of anxiety: "The emotions . . arise when our attention is strongly drawn to complex and inconceivable circumstances. Fear arises when we cannot predict our fate; joy, in the case of certain indescribable and pecu- < previous page page_36 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_37 next page > Page 37 liarly complex sensations.

Context is often the crucial factor in resolving the significance of a message. Thus messages encoded in the chemicals isolaveric acid and methyl mercaptan are components, respectively, of human body malodor and halitosis. This notwithstanding, the same chemicals are responsible for some of the bouquet and flavor of cheese. The context often determines whether the destination will believe or disbelieve the communication received. " Suppose, however, that the family lives in Venice, Florida, practically next door to the winter quarters of a famous circus which, the mother is fully aware, features a ''big cats" act.

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